Security Guards in Downtown Delray Beach Could Become a Permanent Fixture –

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Security guards in downtown Delray Beach could become a permanent fixtrure DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - To keep people and businesses safe, Delray Beach has added security guards, or ambassadors, to patrol the city's center. They can even escort visitors to their car. Soon the pilot program could become permanent. On bicycles and on ...and more »

Tulsa Security Guard Ridding the Streets of Crime, 1 Night at a Time – KTUL

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Tulsa security guard ridding the streets of crime, 1 night at a time KTUL (KTUL) -- A security guard is fighting crime on the streets of Tulsa in a selfless way but how he became a one-man crusader may surprise you. Benjamin Terrero, a no-nonsense private security guard who we first introduced you to in February, is making a ...

Businesses Turn to Private Security Force to Combat Homelessness issues, FOX31 Denver

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FOX31 Denver
Businesses turn to private security force to combat homelessness issues FOX31 Denver DENVER -- Increased homelessness, drug abuse and prostitution are big city problems that Denver-area business owners say are getting worse. With police officers busy enough as it is, more property owners are turning to private security teams for help.