Indiana: Armed Security Officers

Legislation and Details for Indiana


Indiana Code Title 35 Criminal Law and Procedure
Article 47 Weapons and instruments of Violence
Chapter 2. Regulation of Handguns

Authorizing Department

Indiana Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board
Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

402 West Washington Street, Room W072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Phone: (317) 234-3040
Fax: (317) 233-4236

Official Website

Firearms License Unit
Information Technology section
Criminal Justice Data Division
Indiana State Police
Indiana Government Center North
100 N. Senate Avenue, Suite N302
Indianapolis IN 46204
Phone: (317) 232-8264
Official Website

Licensure and License Fees

In Indiana, only security businesses are subject to licensure. It is the licensee’s responsibility to oversee their unarmed and armed employees.

The legislation regulating the private security business does not mention any requirements for armed employees. Hence, in order to become an armed security officer, a firearms license is required.

Fees consist of both a State fee and a local fee, and vary depending upon the type of license for which you apply.
All NEW license applications incur a $11.95 fee for MorphoTrust Electronic Fingerprinting. Additionally, ALL license applications incur an processing fee of $1.00 plus 2% of the transaction amount added to the price of the service.
See: Firearms Licensing Fee Schedule

Firearms Handgun Licensing Application Fees (Effective July 1, 2020)
Four Year Personal Protection
Local Fee $10.00/$5.00
State Fee $30.00

Lifetime Personal Protection/No Current License
Local Fee $0.00/$0.00
State Fee $0.00

Lifetime Personal Protection/Current Valid Indiana License
Local Fee $40.00/$30.00
State Fee $60.00

Retired Law Enforcement Officer
Fee Exampt

Retired Law Corrections Officer
Fee Exempt
Duplicate $20.00

See: Indiana State Police – Firearms Licensing

While individuals working for a security agency need not be licensed to provide security services, the individuals employed by a security agency need to be
internally tracked and listed and upon public request, provide that information.

Also note, Indiana allows private security entities to employ unlicensed parties but to also be responsible for their behavior and performance. See the Rule:

IC 25-30-1-11
Employees of licensee Sec. 11. (a) A licensee may employ, to assist the licensee in the licensee’s business as a private investigator
firm, as many unlicensed persons as may be necessary. The licensee is civilly responsible for the good conduct of all employees while
the unlicensed persons are acting on behalf of the licensee.

Indiana has recently implemented a new electronic web portal for hand gun licensing.
See: Apply for a New License to Carry

For further information on the licensing process, visit: Firearms License Application

Foreign Jurisdiction Licensure

Indiana requires an in-state license in the matter of security services. The Regulation states:

IC 25-30-1-14
Nonresidents Sec. 14. It shall be unlawful for a person licensed by any other state to do business in Indiana unless the person is
licensed and authorized to do business in Indiana. A person may not do business in Indiana until the person is licensed with the board
and meets the requirements for licensees of this state.

Age Requirements

Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
See: IC 35-47-2-3(g)(3)


Applicant must be:
(A)   a citizen of the United States; or

(B)   not a citizen of the United States but is allowed to carry a firearm in the United States under federal law;

See: IC 35-47-2-3(e)(4)


None required


Retired law enforcement and retired corrections officers can apply for a retired law enforcement and retired corrections officer license card instead of a handgun license.
See: Indiana State Police – Firearms Licensing

Permit Required

A firearms license is required

Requirement to carry an ID card

Indiana now requires a Firearms License ID Card.
See: Firearms Licensing

Moral Character

No baseline requirement


The applicant has to submit one (1) set of legible and classifiable fingerprints to the superintendent.
See: IC 35-47-2-3(c)

Substance Abuse

Applicant cannot have a record of being an alcohol or drug abuser.
See: IC 35-47-1-7(5)

Mental Health

Indiana has been criticized for its lack of oversight on handguns permits and its correlation to mental and emotional health problems. The code allows the superintendent of the state police to deny a license for discretionary reasons which does not preclude mental health. In addition, the actual application asks for mental health history. In the most general sense, the Indiana code provisions dealing with application procedures references that an applicant must be a “proper person” which directly references mental health qualities using the following language:

(6) does not have documented evidence which would give rise to a reasonable belief that he has a propensity for violent or emotionally unstable conduct.

See: IC 35-47-1-7

Criminal History Background Check

Indiana state police, by and through its licensing unit, oversees all background investigations and is permitted by the Indiana code to solicit information from state, local and national sources for criminal checks.
See: Indiana Code Title 35. Criminal Law and Procedure Article 47. Weapons and Instruments of Violence

Personal References

None required

Training Requirements

None required

Exam Requirement

None required

Child Support

No baseline requirement

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