Member Resources

Member Resources

Through subscriptions to several products developed and maintained by Littler Mendelson, the nation’s leading employment and labor law firm representing management, NASCO members have access to a vast array of employment related resources that assist NASCO members in staying up to date and compliant with the latest federal and state developments affecting employers.


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 These annually updated documents provide you with the tools you need to create compliant and fully customizable handbooks. It consists of four types of documents:

  • A National Template
  • State Supplements
  • Policy Checklists
  • State Guides

The National Template includes a number of traditional policies (e.g., EEO, Harassment, FMLA, Meal Breaks, Standards of Conduct), along with optional sample policies you can customize and provide to employees if they are relevant for your workforce and operations (e.g., Workplace Bullying, Holidays, Personal Appearance and Grooming).

There is a State Supplement to that National Template for every state and the District of Columbia. In the State Supplements you will find policies that carefully track state and locality-specific distinctions from those general, national policies. In the state materials, you will find addenda that identify the protected categories under state EEO laws, state-specific meal break, predictive scheduling, lactation accommodation and leaves of absence policies. We also provide policies tracking sick leave, lactation accommodation and predictive scheduling requirements for major municipalities, which are localities with 100,000 or more residents.

The State Supplement policies are drafted to comprehensively track statutory requirements, while also identifying places for customization. Throughout the templates, you will see comments intended for the policy drafter. These comments may explain why specific language appears, signal updates made within the last year or provide context or background information to help you customize the policy.

The application also provides Policy Checklists and substantive guidance for each state. At the beginning of each Policy Checklist, there is a description of its contents. These additional materials can be used as references as you are compiling a new set of policies, or reviewing existing policies

 The Littler State Guides are current, comprehensive summaries of the labor and employment law in each state and the District of Columbia. Each guide takes you through the life cycle of employment - from pre-hire to termination - summarizing the federal, state and, in many cases, local law on a number of different subjects.





Pre-Hire Resources

Appropriate and Inappropriate Interview Questions

Interviewer Assessment of Applicant

Multi-Jurisdiction Employment Application

Multi-Jurisdiction Employment Application Memo

Pre-Hire Checklist

Questionnaire for Development of Job Description

Reference Check Authorization

Reference Check Questions

Hiring Resources

Employee Information and Emergency Contact Form

I-9 Audit Checklist

I-9 Form

Multi-Jurisdiction Offer Letter

Template Employment Agreement

W-4 Form

Continuing Employment

Template Policies

Cell Phone Use While Driving Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Direct Deposit Policy

Disability and Accommodation Policy

Employment At Will Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Family and Medical Leave Act Policy

Jury and Witness Duty Leave Policy

Lactation Accommodation Policy

Meal and Rest Break Policy

Military Leave Policy

National Employee Handbook Template

Personal Appearance and Grooming Policy

Reporting and Anti-Retaliation Policy

Sexual & Other Unlawful Harassment

Smoke-Free Workplace Policy

Standards of Conduct Policy

Time Off to Vote Policy

Timekeeping Policy

Weapons in the Workplace Policy

Workplace Bullying Policy

Workplace Violence Policy


Performance Management

Employee Disciplinary Notice

Employee Warning Notice Form

Guide to Performance Management and Performance Evaluations

Non-Exempt Performance Review Form & Employee Self-Appraisal Form

Performance Evaluation/Management Form - Exempt Employee

Performance Improvement Plan

Time Off and Leaves of Absence

Leave of Absence Request Form

Notice of Eligibility & Rights and Responsibilities under the FMLA (DOL Form)

Vacation/PTO Request Form

Wages, Hours and Pay Practices

Basic Wage & Hour Audit Checklist

Pay Equity and Pay Audit FAQs

Risks of Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors

Sample Timesheet

Wage & Hour Audit Considerations

End of Employment

Termination Resources

Notice of Employment Termination

Sample Termination Letter

Termination Checklist for Employers

Termination Including Termination Pay Requirements

Termination/Resignation Form with Employee Acknowledgement